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Turkey Day In Holbox

Headed back down to see Sandflea & family for thanksgiving, had quite a crew with us as well.  Isla Holbox is just one of those places I never grow tired of, the fishing is incredible, but the island and the people are the real attraction.  Third week of Novmeber and the first two days the mar slicked off and we put around 10 big fish in the air, yes Novmeber.   Had some good turkey and some good fishing, even got to watch some ball on Turkey day.  We had some weather roll through, afterwards we got into the babies, snook & and even a nice snapper and that parleyed into a sushi night.   Off to Punta Allen next ………


Time Forgot About Mongolia – Exploratory Trip

The word Exploratory in the fishing world often invokes wild dreams of record fish on every cast, a place where no man or women have ever stepped foot etc.  Not often does the word bring about the glass half emtpy sencario, although relaistically it should right, in the true exploratory sense?  Sometimes the fish just are not there, sometimes the weather does not copperate, sometimes the fish are just pissed off.

Last September, traveling with a good friend and client Tim Shanley, the glass was luckily overflowing.  Fortunate to now had floated around 200 miles of the Onon River with the folks from Mongolia River Outfitters, the Exploratory trip was a huge success.  The fishing seemed to get better with each new day into the trip, the last day we had 5 big taimen to the boat and serveral other lost.  While the violent take of a Taimen on a mouse or a streamer on a wet line will forever be eched in my mind, the trout fishing for lenok and amur trout is truly underrated.  1x, & size 6 black fat alberts all week, combined with eager trout, has to make this area one of the best trout fisheries on the planet.

Just the name of the country, Mongolia, makes one ponder time standing still, and it has.  Time forgot about Mongolia.