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Backwards down the Dorado line

Posted October 28, 2010 by in Fresh Water Fly Fishing

Just returned from the North West region of Argentina to chase some Golden Dorado with friend and long time fishing partner Nick “The Coz” Cozmo, the Golden Dorado has been a fish that I have wanted to knock off the list for a long time, and what a fish it is!

Due to coldwater fish kill in some of the smaller rivers we ended up floating a larger tailwater and after a week in the boat, we were exhausted, but for good reason. Backwards thinking became a popular theme when fishing for these fish from the boat.

-Manic casting at a pace I had never encountered with 8 and 9wts, but really slow stripping if any?

-This fish can really be anywhere?

-Always fish the pillows, any pillows, always?

-Lay the wood to the fish with the rod like you would a Tarpon, but play it like a trout?

-The fish jump you do not need to bow?

-Using wire for a fish in the Salmon family in the Jungle?

-Deaddrifting 10 inch flies?

-Downstream presentations?

As backwards thinking became the norm we witnessed some amazing moments.  Watching a 20+ pound Dorado take the fly and blow up a 9wt on the hook set like it was a tooth pick was something I will never forget. Seeing an even bigger fish take the fly, jump, and run like a tuna through log jams like a NASCAR driver into the backing, will be etched into my mind as well.

Along the backwards line, The Coz put it the best after getting worked by a big Dorado when he said “This is a mean fish that I think was meant to be in the ocean, but got stuck in the rivers”

More to come on this one…………………….

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