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Bhutan – Winter Exploratory Fishing

Posted September 1, 2013 by in Bhutan

The new Buddha Statue in Thimphu standing 170 feet tall !!

It’s been awhile, actually 8 months,  so I guess I should start at the beginning of 2013.  I was given an incredible opportunity in January to explore remote regions in Bhutan with Jon Miceler who has pioneered the Himalayas since the late 80’s, to look into the feasibility of finding new Mahseer water and do some Trout fishing along the way.

Bhutan is one of the countries I have wanted to visit so needless to say when I landed in Paro I was very excited for the Expedition


Paro in the evening

After spending a couple of days in Paro and Thimphu, I thought the layout of the country would resemble the valleys of both, but I was very naive and quickly learned when we started that it would be very different.  The parts of the country we drove through was some of the toughest terrain I have ever experienced and the driving was very challenging to say the least!


Just another road to a river !!

The journey was amazing and challenging, we found some great water to explore for Mahseer in the future during their spring time migration.  I had some very productive winter fishing for Brown Trout, saw some amazing wildlife including a Golden Langur (only place in the world to see them) and was given the opportunity to visit places in Bhutan few have ever been.

Bhutan is a true Kingdom and the culture and people are incredible.  It is certainly the most unique country I have ever traveled to and I look forward to going back in the spring time!!

I will add that it seems as though Bhutan is changing very quickly and if you have ever wanted to visit Bhutan I would go now !!

Here are some more photos from the Journey


A nice winter Bhutan Brown Trout


The Demons Palace

Golden Langur

Golden Langur


Yak in the snow


Forrest Officers inspecting a rare sight for them !!


Spinning the prayer wheel on the hike up to the Tiger’s Nest Temple


Lighting prayer candles


Masheer hole after a confluence ?? I will be going back during the migration to see at some point…………………………..









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