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Happy New Year!!!!!

As we head into 2011 and start another year of fish tales, I thought I would post some pics from 2010 that never made it up on the site.  Here’s to another great fishing year in 2011!

Careto "The Permit Whisperer"

Iglesia San Francisco, Salta Argentina en route tochase some Dorado

Vance Freed with a nice Henry's Fork Brown

Bart Langlois "The Pescador" with a nice South Carolina Redfish

Nice Carp on the flats of Wyoming

Nick "the Coz" Cozmo in shock after a 25lb Dorado busted him up!

Who is going to untangle this mess!!

The Monster

Finding Gold

Another Monster

Cheers to 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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