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Mom Gets a Good One

My Mother came out for a well needed break to spend some time out west and we were able to get on the water for a couple of days together.  It has been a tough summer for the Dawes family, but my mother has been a rock through all of it.  She found this beauty towards the end of the day on a new hopper pattern.  The South Fork of the Snake continues to impress day in and day out. Three years of high water have made a real impact, PMD’s in Septemeber?  Hopefully the temps stay warm enough not to freeze the hoppers as they are on their way.

Mom wanted to see a Moose and we happened to run into this fellow on our motor out.

We miss you Dad


Tarpon Lessons

Last month I had to the oppurtunity to head back down to the keys to fish with my good friends Tom Levandoski and Capt. Chris Mcreedy.  This was a Tarpon trip and all Permit desires were set aside for the week.  As weather seems to be a trend in 2010, the trend continued.  For the first 3-4 days the weather did not copperate, mostly in the light category, tough to sight fish without light.  The second half of the trip the light copperated but my angling skills did not.  The last day however the tides turned in our favor and we were able to put plenty of fishin the air.

As fishing goes, I learned plenty of invaluable lessons that will not be forgotten anytime soon.  I had not been fishing strictly for Tarpon in the Keys for the past 5 years as I have been spending most of my Tarpon fishing days in Mexico and mostly fishing for Permit in the Keys.  The angle in which the Tarpon sees the fly, or the angle in which you cast can be the difference in getting them to eat or not.  While this is inevitably something one would always think about, I had not put enough thought into it until the Capt. and Tom had a little talk with me about it.  What I came away with is that you can make a Tarpon eat a fly, but the angle in which you do so is more important than I ever thought.  The Keys are surely the Superbowl of Saltwater Fly Fishing, and offer some of the best fishing in the world and some of the sports biggest lessons.  What a difference it turned out to make and the lesson will surely stick with me.

It was also the first time I have ever fished out of Sugarloaf Marina, and what a surprise that was.  If you have never been, make sure to grab a cold one at the end of the day and sit at the bench and listen there is a lot to learn there on many fronts, not to mention non stop comedy, and introduce yourself to Johnny Jackson.

On the second to last day Andy Mill had dropped off a copy of his new book Tarpon with Capt. Bob Paulson and I had a chance to look through the entire book.  This book is the finest piece of work done on Tarpon I have ever seen, and when it comes out it will be coffee table sooner than later.

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