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New Shuttle Ride & The Shoe

In order to get lost these days you need your own shuttle, so I copied a good friend of mine Bill Paju and did just that

The new shuttle ride, 1977 Yamaha TY 250

Mikey Hemkens and I got lost for a day and found some nice Cutty’s, even better we did not see a sole


Lost with a nice Cutty

When trying to get lost, sometimes you run into a road block


Yes that is Mikey on top of the Road block

Since we were told we might not be able to find where we could take out from the river, Mikey found an old shoe and hung it from a tree, we thought we had past it hours prior to turning the corner and finding THE SHOE!!

THE SHOE!! Finally before dark

Of course the new shuttle ride did not start, but eventually the old gal turned over to end a great day……..Oh yea we fished with the new H2 Helios from ORVIS………………………..get ready!!!!!