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Guyana = Arapaima

Having your expectations blown out of the water is refreshing and rare in remote fishing these days, but we were not complaining at the end of our week in Guyana, quite the opposite really we had a pretty nice party in the Jungle.  Expectations for me these days often have nothing to do with the fish (I am not going to lie I wanted to catch an Aarapaima on the fly badly) as it is fishing etc. etc. etc., I find myself looking at the resource, guides, facilities, wildlife and the presence of fish or the fishy feeling more so than a hero shot.  My expectations were exceeded in all of the departments.  To think that in the rest of the word these fish are endangered, over harvested or extinct and the folks in Guyana in conjunction with Costa Del Mar and under the guidance of Matt Breuer and Oliver White, had the foresight to protect their resource and create a kick ass fly fishing program that sustains a local tribe and additionally protects their culture is an amazing feat.  Good on you all and thank you.  I will add that everyplace we went to over our 6.5 days of fishing we saw Arapaima.  I will also add that it is not a bad place to spend your 40th birthday, here are some photos form halftime:

our ride in

bent 6/0

bent 6/0
tarpon esque
not quite ready
restaurant and the laughing arapaima bar
the coz with his first arapaima
the coz with his first arapaima
banks beer brewed in the one and only - Thirst Park, Guyana
banks beer brewed in the one and only – Thirst Park, Guyana
another one not quite ready
some fine machete work
sunset shooting
guyana crib
big boy
big boy
the crew – time brune, nick “the coz” oximek, jed mixter (the jerseys were supposed to say guyana!)

We will be back…………………………………………………………………………



















Baby Tarpon on Dry Flies

Last August in the midst of recovering from shoulder surgery on my casting arm I was headed to Isla Holbox with some friends to catch up with Sandflea and the boys.  The trip was planned, the shoulder surgery was a surprise, but I figured I would just make the best of it (or have fun watching!!)

Baby Tarpon eating a dry fly



I arrived a day ahead of the group and was talking with Sandflea about how my left handed casting with a 12wt was going to be a little different than the 5wt I had just left at home.  Sandflea said he knew of a place very close where tons of baby tarpon had congregated, I said let’s go………..

I had brought down a bunch of smaller foam poppers that would pop on the first strip and the wiggle back to the surface, the takes were amazing!!

Some of the takes were down right explosive


When the rest of the group arrived I talked Nick the “C” Cozmo into spending a day fishing for the babies, it was a tough question because I could tell he wanted to fish for the big boys and it was a short trip.  Once he heard that we were getting them on dries, he was ready to go……..

Eat into jump














Explosive take and jump













Cozmo with a baby gone vertical

























Like the Old Man used to say “opportunity in every situation”, had I not had shoulder surgery I would have never experienced these fish eating dry flies

Cozmo with a big leap

















Myself, Bart "ZZZaaabbaaarrff" Langlois, and Sandflea on our way














The Crew, Kareto, Cozmo, Bart, Sandflea, Dawes, Eaton







We found the big boys as well




Happy New Year!!!!!

As we head into 2011 and start another year of fish tales, I thought I would post some pics from 2010 that never made it up on the site.  Here’s to another great fishing year in 2011!

Careto "The Permit Whisperer"

Iglesia San Francisco, Salta Argentina en route tochase some Dorado

Vance Freed with a nice Henry's Fork Brown

Bart Langlois "The Pescador" with a nice South Carolina Redfish

Nice Carp on the flats of Wyoming

Nick "the Coz" Cozmo in shock after a 25lb Dorado busted him up!

Who is going to untangle this mess!!

The Monster

Finding Gold

Another Monster

Cheers to 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Backwards down the Dorado line

Just returned from the North West region of Argentina to chase some Golden Dorado with friend and long time fishing partner Nick “The Coz” Cozmo, the Golden Dorado has been a fish that I have wanted to knock off the list for a long time, and what a fish it is!

Due to coldwater fish kill in some of the smaller rivers we ended up floating a larger tailwater and after a week in the boat, we were exhausted, but for good reason. Backwards thinking became a popular theme when fishing for these fish from the boat.

-Manic casting at a pace I had never encountered with 8 and 9wts, but really slow stripping if any?

-This fish can really be anywhere?

-Always fish the pillows, any pillows, always?

-Lay the wood to the fish with the rod like you would a Tarpon, but play it like a trout?

-The fish jump you do not need to bow?

-Using wire for a fish in the Salmon family in the Jungle?

-Deaddrifting 10 inch flies?

-Downstream presentations?

As backwards thinking became the norm we witnessed some amazing moments.  Watching a 20+ pound Dorado take the fly and blow up a 9wt on the hook set like it was a tooth pick was something I will never forget. Seeing an even bigger fish take the fly, jump, and run like a tuna through log jams like a NASCAR driver into the backing, will be etched into my mind as well.

Along the backwards line, The Coz put it the best after getting worked by a big Dorado when he said “This is a mean fish that I think was meant to be in the ocean, but got stuck in the rivers”

More to come on this one…………………….