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Back from the March Merkin…….Still Cold

Posted March 15, 2010 by in Key West Florida, Salt Water Fly Fishing, Uncategorized with one comment

The weather during the March Merkin this year was brutal to say the least.  On Sunday we had water temps at 74 degrees and by Wednesday they were getting down to 64 degress.  Despite the poor fishing a good time was had by all and there were plenty of the normal questions marks that permit seem to leave in your head, they were just amplified by the bad weather.

Congrats to Capt. Scott Collins and Angler Greg Smith for catching the larger of the total two fish caught, and congrats to Capt. Bob Paulson and Angler Mark Hoskin for catching the other.

Pre fishing on Sunday Capt. Don Gable,  I hooked three, fly pulled on one, I f-ed up the other (about 25lb) and broke em off and we got the last one pictured below.  6 or 7 other fish were caught on Monday and then the weather turned.

Thanks to Jon & Shirley Ain for putting on a great event……..Next Year

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