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The Scorpion Expedition

Posted December 6, 2012 by in Isla Holbox, Permit, Salt Water Fly Fishing, Tarpon

I remember reminiscing with my father when we were able to catch up after I had been on some recent fishing adventures, it always involved him chewing on a swisher sweet, relaxing in a chair with a diet coke and looking at me in that fatherly way, “So where have you been”  “how big where the fish” “would you go back”  I wish I had the opportunity to sit down with the old man another time and tell him about this one……………The Scorpion Expedition was one of the best adventures I have ever been a part of.  First there was the crew, RA Beattie, Sandflea, Jose “Careto” from Punta Allen, Bear Holeman, Perk Perkins, and Ryan Buccola from Bend.   I was honored to be a part of this crew and can honestly say I have never been a part of a crew that went on an exploration and got along the way we did, it was special

The Scorpion Expedition will be released on the Fly Fishing Film Tour in 2013

Then there was the place, the natural beauty of the Scorpion Reef cannot be expressed in words, it is as if someone dropped the Seychelles in the Gulf of Mexico, here are a couple of scenes from the reef……….  (all Pictures were taken by RA Beattie)

Paradise found

This was my camping spot, not sure I will find a better place to hang a hammock in my lifetime!!

Then there was the fishing which was just a bonus to an extraordinary exploration, plenty of more to come on this one………………………………

Sandflea hooking up at first light!!

A special thank you to ORVIS for making this expedition happen, they were instrumental, along with our other sponsors: Yeti Coolers, Pescadowear, WorldCast Anglers, Breedlove Guitars, Chums, Maya Solar, Nu CastMontana Fly Company, Howler Bros………………THANK YOU

More to come…………………………..







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